Importance of Shraadh – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


What is Shraadh ?

Shraadh means the deed or rituals done with full devotion. Shraadh must be done . Lord SURYA abuses the people who doesnot do Shraadh as foolish and further he goes to dark hell. Lord Surya even says the one who doesnot do shraadh karma the rituals done by him is neither accepted by me nor Lord Narayana or any other God and gets the birth of swine.

Every God and Demigods have their specific days and dates of worship according to tithi, Similarly the Pitrus or ancestors have bright lunar fortnight aas their day , i.e Pitra Amavasya a significant day for Shraadh rituals ,Hence whether knowingly or unknowingly one must do Shraadh rituals.It is believed that Pitru’s leave in South direction.

3 things are of most importance in shraadh:-

While chanting mantra, when you say SWAHA it means you are offering a part of it…

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