Importance of Rishi Panchami

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


A revered person must always remain revered.When you insult a person who is more revered than you, then only destruction of manbegins.And due to ego, human insults people who are more revered.Elders, rishis, saints should be respected, they deserve it.God must be respected, he deserves it.Once king of deities Indra also fell prey to ego and insulted guru Brihaspati.Then what…!! Guru became angry because of disrespect.Due to curse of guru, Indra started wandering here and there.Eagle looks for a weak bird from top itself and then attacks it.Similarly, when king Nahush saw that Indra’s kingdom was taken away from him, due toinsult of guru his power had diminished; he forcefully captured Indra’s kingdom andstarted ruling heaven.King Nahush was sexually aroused by looking at Indra’s wife Shachi.lust is always blind. Lust does not have any eyes.Thus, when both lust and anger are aroused, one should open the eye of wits.King Nahush started…

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