BHAGVATYOG–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


What is Bhagvatyog ?

Resources (sadhan), time (samay), capability (samarthya) ,understanding (samajh), when properly used towards God then its Bhaktiyog (Devotion summation).

Time: Time as much possible should be utilized in chanting (bhagvan naam japa) and service (sewa) leads to Bhagvatyog

.Capability :  Human body itself, mind , intellect,money, health comprise to the capability of a person if used corrctly towards God leads to Bhagvatyog

.Understanding: The understanding you gain through studies, socially or other sources should be utilized in service (sewa) of  God.

Resources: Money, Human body etc there are many resources in our daily life, which are to be used towards God.

So all these objects when used correctly towards God leads to Bhaktiyog, If used in  materialistic world (samsara) leads to ‘Karma Yog’ (Deeds-summation).

When used for yourself, Eg: me and my family, me and my house or me and my…

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