God Graciousness- Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

IMG-20150602-WA0000Graciousness is eternal, whereas body, it’s capabilities and all things in this materialistic world are mortal.

If you convert anyone’s negative deeds towards in the form of devotion to the lord, you will certainly rreceive graciousness of the lord.

You deserve graciousness by serving others and it protects you from all the evils.

Doctors, astro, Science, Technology have their limitations in working whereas graciousness is unlimited, infinite and inexhaustible.

Graciousness can fulfill all the tasks that none of your near and dear one’s can do.

Graciousness makes blind to see, deaf to hear, dumb to speak and various such tasks which are beyond limits of these world.

Puranpula, desciple of sant eknath completed the scripture even though he was illetrate on comparison to eknaths son who was a scholar from kashi, that’s graciousness working.

Breaking all the rules, which still shines , shows miracle is graciousness.

Graciousness is eternal, whereas…

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